Blockchain is a revolution unleashes innovation is the future is our present may be yours

about US

Full-Stack blockchain company

The Cryptense team has considerable experience working with new technologies and specifications still undergoing change, which is clearly where blockchain is currently. They can provide detailed feedback to the client about the suitability and capability of technologies and business concepts to be implemented in the real world.

Our Activities

Since 2015 our passionate team has developped expertise & solutions to overcome Blockchain and Deep Learning related difficulties. Today, Cryptense is pursuing its research efforts and willing to share this knowledge with its partners about decentralized systems and artificial intelligence.

High Power Computing

More than 200 GPUs infrastructure dedicated to cryptomining, blockchain sandboxes and deep learning.

Blockchain Expertise

Private blockchain experimentations, Smart-contracts intelligence, R&D consulting, Open-source contributions.

Deep Learning

(DLaaS) Deep Learning as a service (1.3 Pétaflops cluster), crypto-market prediction, big data social analysis.

Let's talk about it !

Blockchain, Deep learning, Mining, Crypto-Trading or anything else...

Company Founders

Under the spotlight

Cryptense is always exploring new innovation paths, here are some :

Advanced Research Cluster

March 2017

Our team as developped a custom licensed solution combining salient features from deep learning frameworks and big-data technologies, enabling distributed deep learning on a cluster of multi-GPU workers.

Cryptocurrency Mining Farm

From July 2017

We are active crypto miners, expanding our GPU-based mining farms (Ethereum, ZCash, ...) focusing a part of our R&D on optimizing both daily operations, mining earning and power consumption ratio.

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