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about US

Full-Stack AI & Blockchain company

Cryptense is an innovator in Web3 and AI technology since 2017. We help software companies use these advanced technologies smoothly. With KortexFlow we aid clients in adding AI solutions to their work. Our service, Kryll³, shows how our technology can handle complex real-time problems in Finance and Web3.

Our Activities

Our passionate team has developed expertise & solutions to simplify Blockchain and Deep Learning related difficulties. Today, Cryptense is pursuing its research efforts and willing to share this knowledge with its partners about decentralized systems and artificial intelligence.

Financial Analysis

Cryptense leverages deep learning to analyze assets across markets, delivering accurate and tailored insights. Our solutions include predictive analysis and scenario modeling based on specific assets and market conditions, empowering partners to make well-informed financial decisions.

Blockchain Expertise

Cryptense is a leader in blockchain technology, offering expert solutions for blockchain development, smart contract engineering, and cutting-edge R&D consulting. Our team contributes from corporate to open-source projects and shares its deep knowledge to help partners navigate the complexities of blockchain and crypto analytics.

Artificial Intelligence

Cryptense provides cutting-edge Generative AI solutions and Deep Learning as a Service (DLaaS). Through continuous research and development, our model agnostic AI solutions simplify the integration of artificial intelligence into various services in a straightforward and controlled way.

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Company Founders

Under the spotlight

Cryptense is always exploring new innovation paths, here are some :

KortexFlow - GenAI OS

Novembre 2023

KortexFlow is the first GenAI operating system, enabling the creation of behavioral thought flows to robustly and agnostically integrate GenAI into all types of solutions. Used across our diverse client base, KortexFlow exemplified in the Kryll³ service, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness in real-world applications.

Kryll³ - Your Web3 AI Sidekick

June 2024

The Kryll project reinvents itself in 2024 and becomes Kryll³. Kryll³ simplifies Web3 and opens up the complex world of cryptocurrencies to everyone. Our advanced AI tools and conversationnal agent give you clear, actionable advice on Web3 investments based on realtime market data, onchain matrics and OpenSource intelligence.

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